Yilida will promote future development through

more cooperation in the field.

Yilida is committed to research and development of low energy consumption, high efficiency, green technology and products from traditional wind turbines to "think tank", developed into Asiaundefineds most influential brand of air conditioning fan; And to look into the ecological environment, new energy, new materials, international trade and other fields, with avariety of innovative products and solutions, promote green development, low carbon development and intelligence development in the new future.


Zhejiang Yilida Ventilator Co.,Ltd (stock code 002686) was founded in 1994,controlled by Zheshang Asset Management Co., Ltd , A well-known manufacturer of central air conditioning fans and manufacturer of building and engineering fans. It is the largest and well known manufacturer of central air conditioner fan and building fans (Engineering fans) in Asia. We uphold the spirit of innovation, stride forward from the traditional fan manufacturer to the integrators of fan and intelligent motor drive system gradually and realize the “ the smart air” brand concept through the development of intelligent high efficiency motor.

The groupundefineds brands include:“Yilida”、“Wolter”、“Fulihua”、“ESSENTEC”、 “AMMT”、“TC charger”、“Sanjin”...

“Yilida” is the well-known domestic central air-conditioning fan brands.  “Wolter” is a high-end brand in the field of domestic building ventilation, providing  ventilation products and services.  “Fulihua” is a high-quality axial fan brand in domestic market. “ESSENTEC” is a butler service provider for components and parts and serves all world famous manufacturers in air conditioning industry. “AMMT” is a expert in vessel and marine protective material, functional materials and composite materials. “TC Charger” is a well-known domestic market for charger which is used in new energy automobile. “Sanjin” is a supplier in domestic market for automotive lightweight components.

Our efforts keep tens of millions Yilida fans continuous operating in the world’s landmark buildings and urban infrastructure, so that more people enjoy energy conservation, environmental protection and healthy living, to achieve sustainable development between society and enterprise revenue.


Through innovative thinking, Yilida has developed the New EC technology, with practical permanent magnet brushless motor of low vibration, lownoise, high efficiency and high intelligence.

From traditional fans to energy-saving fans, Yilida integrates all resources through industry thinking, and achieves independent R&D and production of all components of fans, motors and control system gradually with continuous innovation and enterprising spirit. We consolidate fan, EC motor and integrated variable frequency motor, provide full range of energy saving fan solution for refrigeration unit and air conditioning terminal products.


EC motor wins national invention patent.


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