Yilida attended the 30th China Refrigeration Exhibition

On Apr.9th,2019, the 30th CRH was held at Shanghai New International Expo Center. As the leading company in ventilation industry, Yilida attended the CRH and showcased newest fans and motorized fans.

Yilida prepared carefully for the exhibition from the sample production to design of booth. All series products were showed in the exhibition, including C series EC motor driven axial fans, YGZES series ducted EC fans, PP series double shaft EC motorized fans etc. These products showed its unique design and attracted many visitors to stop by and inquire. The staff were enthusiastic all the way and communicated with the visitors carefully, explained the operation principle of the fans for each visitor in detail. The visitors could also see the innovation in EC motor and motorized fan system solution intuitively through big LED screen.

In the exhibition, the company organized relevant personnel from marketing, research institutes, quality, electrical industry, technology and production departments to visit and study at the exhibition site, hoping that by participating in this exhibition, employees could understand the development trends of air conditioning, ventilation and coil motor industry, understand the latest design concepts of various enterprises, and timely grasp the latest product information in the market. Learning the product advantages of advanced enterprises in order to better improve our products and enhance our competitive advantages.

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