We believe innovation is the core competencyof the company and are willing to invest generously into the research and development. We are also actively workingwith our global partners to develop the cutting edge technologies.

Incorporation of International Standards into Innovation System

We believe that innovation takes into account not only how to improve product quality, but also take into account the productundefineds impact on the environment.  Our incorporation of international standards into our innovation system includes not only product performance standards, but also more importantly includes using international energy efficiency certification standard to guide our product design, to make innovation more social valuable.

Yilida’s products come with  the United States AMCA certification and national energy efficiency and labeling energy efficiency testing laboratory certification.The products strictly comply with  AMCA (Air Movement and Control Association), DIN (German Standardization Association), BS (British Standards Association), CE, UL (American Underwriters Laboratories), TUV and other international standards.Furthermore,Yilida participates in the progress of amendment of AMCA Standards and publications.

Three Research Centers

Yilida set up a provincial level fan technology center, Yilida fan provincial level enterprise research institute, dedicated to the fan,energy-saving motor research and application,to create a professional R&D team,and constantly develop all kinds of new products in Taizhou headquarters.

Yilida regard Tiecheng as stage, built highly efficient enertysaving motor and automotive new energy electronic control technology research and development center in Hangzhou,committedtoenergy-saving fan electric control system of innovative research and development.

Yilida utilizes TC Charger as R&D center for charger technology in Hangzhou, committed to innovative research and development of charger technology.

Yilida takes the advantage of local electronic control technology in Shenzhen, sets up a integrated R&D platform for highly efficient energy saving motor and automotive new energy electronic control technology, committed to research and development of energy saving fan and automotive new energy electronic control system.

Over the years, Yilida take advantage of the four major R&D centers and, integrate fan、energy saving motor and control system to create the most competitive products. Yilida holds 119 patents through the technological innovation.

Full performance comprehensive laboratory

Yilida establishes full performance laboratory which complies with United States AMCA Standard with maximum air flow measurement of  250000 m3/h, which has passed the CNAS certification. Aerodynamic performance testing, dry and wet state testing of all type fans can be done in Laboratory. Under the condition of certain system resistance and certain rotating speed, at the same time, it can undertake acoustic index testing such as the acoustic spectrum testing(octave, 1/3 octave) of air inlet noise and outlet noise, and sound intensity directional testing. In addition, the laboratory can also undertake testings of research process, motor reliability and material testing. Through the improvement of testing ability, it can ensure product performance matches our catalogue data parameter, so Yilida products always stay in high quality state.

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