360 Degree Inspection

Yilida has a professional quality management team, fully implements the "6S" management and lean manufacturing, and always treats the product quality as the highest priority.  Each link of the process is strictly controlled; every detail is the focus of our attention.

Quality Control of the Raw Material  The inspection system established by the company covers the mechanical analysis of materials, physical and chemical analysis, corrosion resistance analysis, ROHS detection, etc. And we established a complete set of analysis process for the main material of the motor enameled wire(paint adhesion, tension, elongation, pinhole and other test and analysis equipment,insulation material burning test )to ensure the high quality of raw materials.

QualityControl ofParts Yilida strictly controls the fan components, such as three levels of dynamic balance of fan system, x-ray flaw detection tests for castings and others. Our G2.5 standard dynamic balancing of the impeller for internal controls, three grades higher than national standards. The testing standard of permanent magnet motor parts is higher than industry standard. Sampling for noise and vibration test is conducted for bearings and rotors should pass 100% dynamic balancing measurement.The stators are detected of safety performance. So that Yilida’s motor production are in high quality and high performance level.

Quality Control Of Finished Products Every finished fan is inspected strictly in accordance of the internal control quality standard, and tested with vibration spectrum analysis. Based on the AMCA standard requirements, Yilida performs the product type testing and performance analysis in a timely manner. Yilida’s motor should pass total inspection includes  Noise, vibration test, aging and reliability before shipment, which ensure that Yilida products is qualified and reliable in the market.

Excellence in flexibleProduction capacity

We put the intelligent automatic laser cutting equipment, intelligent automatic high-speed punching machines, automatic welding robots, automatic painting lines, intelligent vertical warehouse, Internet of Things information management system and other flexible production elements into the subjust research of sustainable development. Considering customerization as the key point of production innovation. And we constantly improve the flexible production capacity, optimize the production process, add and develop the automated processing facilities and special equipment to achieve non-standard products high efficiency production.

EC motor digital production control

•In the aspect of the production of control board, Yilida combines the production and testing ability of new energy automobile charger, realizes independent production of EC motor control board by fully using available resources. Yilida have several full automatic SMT lines, DIP lines. Realizing the production automation from circuit board printing, SPI testing, electronic component pick and place, insertion, wave welding , Automated Optical Inspection, anti-corrosion coating, FCT and package.

•In the aspect of motor production, Yilida realizes the digital production in critical quality control point from winding, magnets sticking, magnetizing, motor assembly and testing. While ensuring productivity, ensure product consistency and reliability.

•Intelligent warehousing system is introduced to realize "first in, first out" of materials and light system is adopted to reduce dependence on people.

•The MES system is introduced to interact with the data of the MESand the ERP platform and the individual control systems of the various devices. Scanning bar codes realizes the functions oferror prevention, control, recording, tracing, and abnormal alarm locking of production materials, processes, personnel, and equipment, and realizes digitalization of process control.

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